Employee Spotlight

Irma Grajeda is our Assistant Controller/Human Resources Manager, as such she is responsible for accounting, payroll, recruiting, to include our new hire process, benefits administration, and our safety plans.

Irma has been with us for 8 years now! When she first joined us she started as Assistant Controller, helping our CFO with accounting and payroll.

Before coming on board with FXSA Irma worked as an Office Manger, where she was responsible for accounting, Human Resources, compliance and inventory control.

Irma stays busy even when she’s not here at work. She loves to be creative and enjoys working with healing crystals. She uses her creative side to make bracelets with them. She also began making tie-dyed face masks this year. And I have a feeling that some Christmas themed face masks are just around the corner, maybe even Halloween and Thanksgiving themed! After all, we are entering her all time favorite part of the year. Irma really enjoys all of the cooking, baking, and Holiday decorating that is coming our way soon! I’m sure these activities will find her listening to music (a huge passion of hers!) while dancing up a storm.

Speaking of Holiday decorating, did I mention that her team won our annual office Christmas Decorating Contest last year? Will they repeat this year? We shall see!

Irma is an important part of our FXSA Family and we all appreciate everything that she does!

Thank you Irma for all of your hard work and dedication!

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