Tornillo/Guadalupe New International Bridge
El Paso County – El Paso, TX
FXSA is a team member on the SEA Team that worked on obtaining the Presidential Permit for T/G International border crossing. Structural Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) is the prime who contracted with El Paso County in 2001. Project consisted in the design of approximately six miles of controlled access highway to connect new international bridge near Tornillo to IH10. Project included preparation of all boundary plats along the 6 miles of road right-of-way, flood plains studies and drainage design, detention ponds design, bridge design, traffic control, pavement markings design, preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. FXSA also established all horizontal and vertical control from IH 10 to the Rio Grande River to conduct boundary survey and survey for design for all phases of the T/G International Port of Entry, to include establishment of the different datums required by TxDOT, IBWC, County of El Paso, and EPCWID#1. Conducted all surveys for acquisition of right-of-way from IH 10 to the location of the proposed International Bridge, including but not limited to, identifying land ownership along the route, cadastral surveys to properly identify and construct property lines, and prepare all property and right-way-descriptions for all land acquisition and right-of-ways. Conducted surveys required for the acquisition of the location of the Border Station and Toll Plaza; ALTA Survey of the Border Station property; survey for design for Border Station design; and survey for design along the entire route of the roadways, irrigation crossings, Business 20 crossing, Toll Plaza, and International Bridge.