Parking Meter Locations
City of El Paso - El Paso, TX
FXSA was given a shapefile with existing (traced) locations of parking meters along with the routes as defined by the International Bridges Department. Our Team mapped the routes for the crews to help distribute and plan the work. Total work was divided in UTEP, UMC, Montana Ave., and Downtown areas. We surveyed most of the areas using VRS. Some areas in downtown were not surveyed using VRS because of multipath effect on the accuracy of the data. These locations were surveyed using total station. Some locations could not be surveyed at the location of the meters and hence were offseted up to 20' and then post-corrected back in the office. The required accuracy of the data was < 1'. We also captured a photo of each parking meter showing the type of the meter, decal and the time limits shown on the screen. These photos were added to the shapfile column such that they could be linked within ArcMap. Shapefile delivered had NAD 1983 TX State Plane 2011 projection.