As-Built Crossings BLM & NMDOT
El Paso Electric — Las Cruces, NM
FXSA was contracted by El Paso Electric (EPE) in Las Cruces, NM to provide land surveying services for several projects. EPE was renewing permits for electric transmission lines located on or crossing the State of New Mexico Trust lands and New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) highway right-of-way. The purpose of the survey was to provide easement for existing utilities across those properties. As specified by the client, FXSA was instructed to use coordinates adjusted to NMDOT coordinate system as the basis for the survey. There was a total of five areas identified by EPE for this project. The areas consisted of three locations crossing NMDOT ROW and two transmission lines crossing the New Mexico Trust Lands. A records search was performed to obtain GLO records for the affected sections and for the NMDOT ROW maps. Using these records, a working sketch was created and provided to the field crews to begin a field survey to recover monuments & delineate the boundary of the affected properties. Additionally, the field crews were instructed to locate and tie-in all improvements and structures for the transmission lines in order to establish an existing centerline. This centerline was used to establish the right-of-way corridor for the easement at the specified width provided by EPE. Subsequently, FXSA prepared certified plats and metes & bounds descriptions for the project