TransPecos Bank Civil Design & Project Control
TransPecos Banks - Town of Pecos City, Reeves County, Texas
Project consisted of collaborating in civil and site construction design drawings, by preparing the following documents based on approved concept site plans: location/vicinity map, site plan with control points, grading & drainage plan, utility plan, and applicable construction details. FXSA provided a temporary site and utility plan for a 14 x 70 ft. temporary building to be set up while the 42 x 70 permanent building was manufactured, installed, and fit-out. A drainage report was conducted of the entire project along with compute of all on-site storm run-off for the 100-year frequency storm event for pre and post conditions. FXSA provided a utility plan that identified existing utility locations and connections to the new water and sewer system. In addition, FXSA was responsible of facilitating entitlement process required for the site.