Reeves County Loop Road, Transportation Planning and Engineering
Pecos, TX
This ongoing project consists of schematic design, environmental assessment, public involvement, traffic engineering, ROW survey, survey for design, plans & specifications, bidding, and construction administration. The project has included 6 Interim Projects designed to relieve traffic through Pecos. Conclusively the project will provide a Truck Relief Route that will help guide oilfield and regional traffic around Pecos, in effort to create safer and less congested street routes. The proposed sections vary from 3 to 6 lanes (3 each bound with median). At completion, the total length of the Relief Route will be 29.6 miles. Thus far, FXSA has performed work authorizations 1 through 4, which has included the performance of: preliminary & initial relief routes with preliminary budgets and preliminary project schedule; environmental review; traffic analysis; public involvement phase; feasibility study; interim relief improvements projects; cost of proposed roadway improvement; surveying and mapping; land ownership determinations and right of entry; SUE, and coordination with stakeholders (including property owners and oil companies). Currently, FXSA is working in Authorization #5, that consists of providing: boundary survey, preliminary ROW mapping, schematic design, opinion of probable construction costs based on schematic, traffic projections, utility conflict matrix/coordination, environmental studies, and public involvement.