Town of Pecos City Master Plan Project
Freese and Nichols – Pecos, TX
FXSA provided engineering, surveying, aerial imagery, and geographic information system (GIS) services as part of the Master Plan for the City of Pecos, TX. FXSA collected and analyzed previous City records, including reports, GIS, and AutoCAD files. Our team confirmed and located all existing water and wastewater facilities in coordination with City engineering and operations staff. FXSA surveyed all water valves, fire hydrants and sewer manholes using a mobile GIS (GPS) device for the entire water and sewer systems of the City of Pecos. Our team provided guidance to the client on GIS database maintenance, updates, corrections, documentation, and integration into other systems and assisted in the creation of the GIS network by providing input on AutoCAD and field collected data. FXSA combined both GPS information and as built drawing to produce a sewer lines network. In conclusion of the project, we completed condition assessment of a total of 6 water elevated storage tanks, 13 lift stations and 1 pump station within City limits and provided an overall condition score for each facility and condition assessment report for all facilities including prioritization rankings.