Manhole and Lift Station Condition Assessment
Lower Valley Water District – El Paso, TX
The purpose of this project was to perform a technical system evaluation for condition and operation for a total of 16 lift stations as part of the sanitary sewer collection system for the Lower Valley Water District. In addition to existing problems such as corrosion, deterioration, and infrastructure aging, the wastewater facilities in The LVWD District are experiencing an added burden due to its population growth. As a result, there has been a surge of concerns pertaining maintenance and failures over the past few years. Consequently, The District is pursuing a proactive and aggressive plan to withstand and address these concerns as part of an overall program. FXSA is performing thorough condition assessments to manholes within LVWD District, using GPS shots, thorough scanning using SPIDER equipment, all while creating a GIS network analysis that will evaluate each manhole. Field evaluation form are used each visit to capture operating and condition defects for all the lift station components, including building, mechanical and structural components, and drawing observations of foreseeable risks.