500,000 Gallons Elevated Tank
Town of Pecos City – Pecos, TX
The subject of this project was the evaluation of a 500,000-Gallon Elevated Storage Tank, known as the TOPC East Elevated Tank, in Pecos, TX. FXSA performed a tank inspection and condition survey as per TCEQ Code. The Elevated Tank was a welded steel construction with a stiffener supported dome roof and 8 I-beam columns sitting on a concrete pier foundation. Original construction dated to 1954 by PDM. Data and information obtained to evaluate the tank came from the exterior inspection along with a nondestructive testing. Following, FXSA produced a technical report, which included: tank description, photos, test results, tank evaluation, life expectancy of tank, costs and recommended repairs. FXSA assisted the TOPC during the bid process, meetings/award, inquiries, and project close out; and provided the services of a Resident Project Representative.