Martha Ortiz is our Business Development Director, and we are thrilled to announce that she is celebrating her 15-year Work Anniversary with us!

Martha is a valuable and much-loved part of our company. Not only does she manage the heavy workload of responding to Requests for Proposals, she is the main point of contact for our State and Federal clients, she manages our company brand, and she is a part of our Leadership Team.

Martha is hardworking, focused, and she never misses a deadline. She is also kind, funny, and inclusive of those around her. She always makes sure that as we plan our company events, we are taking everyone’s needs into consideration.

Martha’s dedication, wit, and charm has made her one of the most loved members of our FXSA Team, and rightfully so! She is a great co-worker and a good friend.

Thank you for everything you do for the company and, more importantly, for being you!

Martha, you ROCK, you Evil Genius, you!

on 17 April, 2024
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Our Engineering Team is currently working on:

  • The design of various Texas New Mexico Power projects in West Texas
  • Finalizing the rehabilitation design of 3 LVWD lift stations
  • A road design for the City of Roswell, New Mexico
  • A couple of projects in Pecos, Texas and in Fort Davis, Texas

Our Construction Management Team is currently working on:

  • Several projects for Lower Valley Water District

Our Surveying Team is currently working on:

  • A TxDOT project in Amarillo, TX
  • A couple of projects for El Paso Independent School District
  • Surveying projects for TNMP in West Texas

Our SUE Team is currently working on:

  • Several projects for El Paso Water
  • A project for the City of El Paso as a subconsultant for HNTB
  • Various projects for TxDOT under different prime AE firms
on 10 OCT, 2023
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